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CRM and Marketing Automation for Elective Healthcare

Did You Know?


  Own Smart Phones

95% of your patients own smartphones.

  Shop Multiple Clinics

On average 48% of your patients visit more than one clinic prior to making their decision.

  Decide after leaving

On average 47% of patients will decide to book a procedure AFTER leaving a clinic


We Help You



Meet Patients Where They Are

Today’s patients live in a mobile world. Meet them where they are with highly personalized mobile communications.


Build Trust

Shorter-than-ever attention spans and an increasingly visual world mean traditional consult models are lost on the tech-first generation. Our sleek, digital centric platform helps you deliver a modern consultation experience patients will actually remember – and trust.


Stay Top of Mind

There are many reasons patients don’t book a procedure on the spot, and almost all have nothing to do with you or your clinic. EngageMyHealth helps you create relationships with patients who aren’t quite ready so you’ll be the first place they turn when they are.



Modernize Every Interaction



Every Touchpoint Connects – Right From the Start  

The tech-first generation consumes 70% of its content on a mobile device, which is just one of the reasons everything EngageMyHealth delivers, from pre-visit to procedure follow-up is mobile-friendly.  

Interactive 3D Anatomy  

The majority of your patients learn in quick, visual bites. EngageMyHealth’s digital 3D models understand that and are designed to increase a patient’s comprehension during the consultation and cut down on post-consult confusion.  

Ditch The Paper  

Everyone is fearful their patients take home printed material and don’t read it. Stop sending prospects home with something they can’t interact with and instead send them home with personalized interactive websites.


Create Relationships


Differentiate Yourself  

EngageMyHealth is built specifically for elective surgery centers, meaning you’ll collect only the information you need to truly get to know a patient. By accessing that information at the touch of a button you’ll be able to treat your patients like the individuals they are. In a world where clinics can feel like pretty anonymous places, they’ll notice the difference  

Be Consistent  

EngageMyHealth helps facilitate a standard and natural flow to consultations. That helps your staff stay focused and consistent with their message no matter who’s in the room, what time it is or how they’re feeling that day – and that consistency creates affinity  

Patients First  

When your follow up messages are timely and answer questions without patients having to call back in and ask, they’ll see you as a trusted friend and will know they’re just as much a priority to you as you are to them. And that’s the kind of relationship that pays to build.



Transformative Not Disruptive



Stop Sending Manual Emails  

Our system automates warm, personalized messages welcoming patients to your clinic’s family within minutes of their first call to your office.  

Consultation Flows Customized For You  

EngageMyHealth’s team of rock star designers will create a consultation flow that highlights the unique nature of your clinic while maintaining a personalized feel for the patient.  

Automated Personalized Websites  

As you move through a consultation EngageMyHealth takes the information you enter in the system and automatically creates a personalized digital summary unique to each patient. Simply hit complete and your patient will have a personalized website to review or share with their loved ones.


Our Results



Greater Engagement

EngageMyHealth’s personalized websites generate 4x greater engagement than traditional follow up methods.


Increased close rates

EngageMyHealth’s platform has increased close rates as much as 7%. For the average clinic we work with that could be up to $100,000 in additional annual revenue!



EngageMyHealth’s customers are 100% satisfied. On the off chance you are not, we will be sad to see you go, but will wish you well! We don’t lock you into any long term contracts – your satisfaction and success is all that matters to us.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It






This is the best education tool for refractive surgery that we have ever used.

Kim Brownfield O.D. Clinical Director



Patients love receiving all of the information we covered during their consultation. We love that everything is branded and has a consistent look and feel with our practice and our website.

Angie Blakely Director of Marketing



If you plan on working with EngageMyHealth prepare to be impressed. At present, there is no better solution.

Garrett B. Marketing Manager



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Simple All Inclusive Pricing. No Long Term Contracts



About EngageMyHealth


EngageMyHealth is on a mission to deliver on the patient engagement promises others just talk about. Our founders are medical, technology and marketing industry experts whose personal experiences in elective healthcare led them to reimagine the patient engagement experience in modern healthcare.

We know today’s patients expect a digital consultation experience that’s as equally sophisticated and personalized as the medical tools used in your surgical suite, and we’re here to help you deliver on those expectations. Clinicians have told us we’d have to “cut this application out of my dying hands.” We know you’ll feel the same once we put it in action for your clinic.


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