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Throughout the past few weeks, most of us have shifted our personal lives to the Holiday Season.  With that shift comes a lot of online shopping and researching gifts for family and friends. Last weekend my inbox had over 25 emails – all from various ecommerce sites I had interacted with.  That got me thinking – which one of these companies did I truly interact with and why?  And more importantly for you, how can you take some of e-commerce’s best practices and apply them to your clinic to stand out from the crowd?

Here are three items that stood out to me – all of which you can implement in your digital strategy to help your clinic stand out as well:.

Personalized – I open emails that are personalized in nature and have suggestions based on my personal buying patterns.  I automatically delete emails that look like ads.  Batch and blast emails are like billboard advertising – they have a place to draw awareness but personalized digital communication drives conversions. Ensure higher open rates by personalizing your digital communication to patients and including information you already know about them.  

Relevant – Have you ever abandoned an item in your online shopping cart?  Remember receiving an email the next day specifically about that item? What was your reaction? There is a reason sites send you an email if you abandon an item in your shopping cart without completing the transaction – you showed an interest and you just need a little nudge to move forward.  These types of emails are highly relevant, and therefore useful to the average consumer.  After a patient has visited your clinic, but has not yet booked a procedure, follow up with them using the specific treatment options you discussed. Your patients will find this information personal and relevant, continuing to keep them engaged.

Mobile  – We are spending more time online than ever before and as much as 60% of our online time is on mobile first.  I, like most people, check my email several times throughout the day on my phone – standing in line at the store, waiting to pick up my kids from school or just lounging on the couch.  It can take up to 7 impressions with a brand to build trust – take full advantage of every touchpoint and ensure any digital impression you make is mobile optimized.

Next time you receive a personalized, highly relevant email that causes you to take action, stop and consider how you might be able to implement similar strategies in your clinic’s digital communications.

Happy Holidays!

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