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magicIf you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, DisneyLand or any of the other Disney locations, you have experienced exceptional customer service somewhere along the way. The organization’s efforts to give families a magical, seamless experience are legendary.

Disney is not one to rest on its laurels, though, and is always innovating and improving that experience for its guests. Recently, Wired magazine profiled one of the organization’s latest wins – the Disney MagicBand. In doing so the magazine uncovers some of the key elements in designing a perfect customer journey – elements that can be easily translated inside a clinic like yours.

Derived from the article, here are three ways to start delivering your own magical patient experience in your clinic:

It’s About Them, Not About You

MagicBands reduce the friction of the customer experience in the park.  How can you reduce the friction for your patients?  Start by meeting your patients where they are – their mobile devices.  Leverage technologies designed to email, text and promote your clinic directly to your patient’s mobile devices.   Yes, these technologies will also make your life easier, but that’s not the point – solve for your patients friction in engaging with your clinic

Reimagine your in-clinic experience through observation

How did Disney even come up with the concept of MagicBands?  First, they took a step back and critically observed guests and their interactions first hand looking for areas to improve the experience.  For your clinic, understanding how patients are accustomed to technology in their daily lives and seamlessly integrating that technology into your consultation flow and follow-up is a great first step.  Have you mapped out your clinic’s patient journey? If so, what’s working well? What needs improved upon?

Answer questions before there are even questions

One of the seamless ways Magicbands delivered magic was by anticipating questions guests might have based on their pre-planned park itinerary and location within the park. They used this data to pro-actively push information to a guest (via mobile device) or notify a Disney employee (such as a restaurant hostess) in advance of their arrival so she can personalize their experience upon arrival.  Think about the information you already know about your patients before they even arrive at your office. Can you leverage technology to push information such as directions, patient forms or educational content that will be reinforced during their in office visit?  By anticipating your patients questions and automatically delivering the answers, you can move into the magical trusted advisor category.

Think that technology like this sounds like a fairy tale for your clinic?  Think again.  You can implement cost effective solutions like the ones mentioned above right away.  If you do, your patients may even start talking about the magical experience they received with your clinic.

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