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Making Mobile Work For Your Clinic

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing a mobile strategy for your clinic does not have to be disruptive but it can be transformative
  • Mobile patient engagement and follow up is not an “if” but a “when” and “how” proposition for the success of your clinic
  • Focus on adding personalized value to your patients through their mobile devices – one size does not fit all


The recent visit by the Pope to the U.S. made us recall this very famous image of how times have changed as it relates to mobile.  If you are not familiar with this picture it is taken from the same vantage point in St. Peter’s Square as the Pope was about to appear before the crowd.  To say mobile is pervasive in our lives today is an understatement.

Do you wish you had a quarter for every time someone told your clinic they should “go mobile”?

Do you know what “going mobile” means? Or more importantly, does the person doing the telling know what it means?

It’s more likely that every person who advises you to “go mobile” or “engage with your patients” is talking about something entirely different than the person before and the person after them. That’s because these terms have become all too common buzzwords for everything from email to social media to smartphone apps and beyond.

And because no one really knows what it means, often any advice given in this direction starts to sound as if you’re being told to change everything about how your business is currently run. Maybe someone tries to convince you that you should never pick up the phone to call a patient again – it should be all text message, all the time. Or maybe someone else tells you that you should never run a radio ad again and instead should be focusing all of your attention on building your social network following and placing ads on Facebook.

If that’s what you’re hearing, please don’t listen.

Like any other new business strategy or technology, adding mobile should never be an all or nothing change for how your clinic operates. After all, you’ve spent years perfecting how to run your business and you’ve gotten it down to a science that works. So why would you make wholesale changes just so you can say you’re taking advantage of the current technology?

You shouldn’t.

What you could consider, however, is a less drastic approach: looking for places where adding mobile to your already existing processes, to the patient journey you’re already cultivating, can make your existing processes into an even better engagement tool for both your patients and your team.

After all, it is a fact that your patients are increasingly reliant on their smartphones and other mobile devices to help them communicate and manage their daily lives, so it does only make sense to sometimes communicate with them in ways that accommodate those devices. And your team wants to be as helpful and efficient as possible, so they also want to use the tools that patients prefer. So the key to incorporating these changes becomes finding the places where it makes sense to take advantage of the benefits mobile devices offer in and around the ways your patients are already using them.

What are a few ways to get started with mobile that makes sense for your patients, your team and the available technology? We’ve listed a few below, and would love to hear from you too.

  1. Follow Up: On average it takes someone up to 7 contacts before they’re ready to make a buying decision. Why not move a few of those follow-ups to email or other digital means? It’ll take the pressure off your consultants to find both the time and reason to check in again over the phone, and many of your prospects are likely to appreciate occasionally hearing from you via an alternative channel.
  2. Add Value over Mobile: What value do you wish you could provide in a phone consult or follow up but can’t? One idea would be an email-friendly summary of a procedure that can be easily forwarded to family and friends who might be involved in the decision-making process.
  3. Procedure Visualization: Can you use incorporate mobile graphics in your consultations to better help prospective patients better understand a procedure?

If you have other suggestions for things that have worked well for your clinic let us know in the comments below.

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