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Delivering on the promise of Mobile Patient Engagement

That’s our “Why” at EngageMyHealth

In today’s digital world, a consumer can go online, view a shirt (not even purchase it) and then she will see 30 ads for that same shirt following her around from website to website for the next 30 days. Yet, when she interacts with her healthcare provider, she is sent home with a paper pamphlet, that she will likely never read, and likely won’t hear from her provider again until the next time she initiates the conversation. Oh, and odds are, she will only accurately remember 25% of what was communicated to her during her consultation, but more on that later.

Nothing about that scenario sits well with us here at EngageMyHealth.

Because of this, we are on a mission to leverage mobile devices throughout healthcare. Not in the Star Trek future kind of way that never materializes, but in the real world kind of way that can be easily implemented today for both patient and provider. And by bridging the gap between providers and patients, we’re ensuring all parties benefit from the power of mobile. Too many mHealth companies are focused only on the provider or only on the patient. Instead, our approach puts mobile technology at the center of the communication process, allowing for input and human-centered design from both sides.

And remember that 25% we previously mentioned? That’s the average accurate recall rate from a patient consultation session. How is that acceptable? After all, if a consumer marketing director’s outreach methods were only effective 25% of the time, they’d be fired. So why do we continue to tolerate such a low level of engagement in healthcare? And before you even let yourself go there, let’s not point fingers at one party or the other. Let’s recognize that the problem is inherent in the system as a whole and there is equal blame to go around (patients and providers alike). We would rather focus our collective energy on solutions that work in today’s reality.

At EngageMyHealth we know it can be done better. Much better. We know that mobile centric communication tools will increase engagement, affinity and adherence when it comes to patient communication. And we know this because we don’t just talk about engagement – we deliver it for our clients and their patients, every day.

Please join us on this journey to leverage the technologies and methods already proven effective in the average patient’s daily life. Together, we can positively impact health interactions and outcomes starting right now.